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Faraaz Hossain Courage Award 2016

faraz hossain
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faraz hossain

True courage is demonstrated when an individual, facing extreme danger, stands up to protect a fellow human being, Such a heroic deed was exemplified through Faraaz Hossain’s sacrifice, raising high the flag at humanity,courage and values. He demonstrated an exceptional strength of character in the final moments of his life, rising above all seli interest.


Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain, a student of Emory University. Adama, USA, was martyred in the horrific attack at Holey Artisan Bakery, Dhaka on July 1, 2016. He sacrificed his life for his friends. exemplifying true friendship. standing steadfast against injustice and connecting a humanity of different race, religion and nationality With love and harmony.
The world now knows that Bangladesh stands for such human values, as epitomised by Faraaz. To encourage the spirit of bravery among Bangladeshi youth, the very spirit Faraaz inspires, Pepsico Glooal has taken the decision to launch the annual “Faraaz Hossain Courage Award” from 2016 for the next twenty years. The purpose of the Award will be to recognize acts of exceptional courage by individuals setting examples of empathy forfellow human beings.

In addition to a Certificate of Recognition, the Award will carry a cash prize of US 10,000!» (Ten Thousand US Dollars)

The winner must fulfill the following criteria:

– Exemplify exceptional personal courage;

– Has taken outstanding initiative to help other human beings;

– Symbolizes highest standards of moral and ethical values;

– Be a male or female citizen of Bangladesh below the age of 30;

To find the winner of the award, we seek your personal and institutional help. it you happen to come across.
or have heard of such an extraordinary individual, please try to obtain the name and details of the person and inform us through email courageaward@faraazhossain.com or please call +0001708133289.

All such information should be communicated no later than October 27, 2016.

A jury comprising of eminent personalities will review all proposals to finalize the individual
winnerwho will be given the “Faraaz Hossain Courage Award” along with US$ 10,000]—
(Ten Thousand US Dollars).